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What is caviar?

Caviar is practically synonymous with fancy, gourmet dining. But why? Caviar, otherwise known as roe or fish eggs, is a very precious item. These fish eggs come from various types of fish, but the more rare the fish, the more expensive the caviar. Caviar is a delicacy that generally comes from the beluga, osetra, and suvrega types of sturgeon fish. It can also come from salmon, lumpfish and tuna.

What does caviar taste like?

Caviar is almost always lightly salted to enhance its natural flavor. Because the fish eggs pop in your mouth, they leave behind a very fresh, smooth, and slightly fishy taste that (combined with the salt) reminds you of the ocean itself.

How should I eat caviar?

How to eat caviar is a matter of some debate. Most caviar connoisseurs eat the fish eggs with a spoon made out of pearl or bone, as they believe other materials such as silver or metal changes the taste. One can enjoy caviar by itself or as part of an appetizer. It is generally recommended to be eaten in small bites to savor the delicate flavor.

Which caviar should I buy?

That usually depends on how much money you are willing to spend. As mentioned earlier, the more expensive the caviar, the higher the quality. Supermarket Italy provides customers with a range of caviar from brands like Agustson and Roland. There is even caviar made from seaweed for those who follow a vegan diet!