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Sanniti is our family name, which can be traced back to Baia e Latina, a small town in Campania, Naples. The origins of the Sanniti name are linked with a romantic story between a peasant and a count. Going beyond the Middle Ages, the Sanniti name is known for its proud family tradition of trading the best products in the Mediterranean. Starting with our uncle in the 1960s, the Sanniti family has earned a reputation for having excellent skills in trade and close ties with the best manufacturers in Italy. Our family has traveled all over Italy in search of the highest quality products at the best prices. Read More

As the number of satisfied customers increased, we had the support to establish Sanniti LLC in 2002. We are proud to carry the most popular brands along with specialty, Italian products with exclusive distribution. Because of our solid ethic and business practices, we have the trust of the top producers in Italy, a testament to our long list of our top quality made in Italy products. We also offer top-rated imports from other countries, including Denmark, France, and Germany.

Sanniti Castelvetrano Olives

Sanniti also has its own line of gourmet Italian products including Sanniti Olives, Italy’s number one table snack. Castelvetrano olives are considered a premium variety because of their mild, nutty flavor and tender, meaty texture. The flavors of Sanniti Castelvetrano olives are comparable to the finest olive oils, which make them a crowd-pleasing cocktail bite with a mellow and slightly sweet taste.

Serve them alone as a complementary finger food or chopped up and added to pasta for bright pops of flavor. 

Sanniti Coffee

The dark roast of Sanniti Italian Roast Ground Coffee is rich and robust but without overwhelming the palate. Made from a blend of ethically sourced beans from Guatemala Antigua, Columbia, and Burgundi, this premium Italian roast is locally roasted in Little Italy, NYC. Bring the flavors of Italy to your kitchen or cafe with the freshly roasted flavor of this medium to full-bodied brew, which has subtle notes of cherry, molasses, and baker’s chocolate.

Always freshly roasted and finely ground for your convenience, Sanniti coffee is the perfect choice for a robust, early morning eye-opener. To experience the full flavors of Italian espresso and its velvety, golden crema, keep it simple with a single shot that can be consumed very quickly. If you want to balance the bite of rich Italian espresso, make it a cappuccino or latte by adding varying proportions of frothed milk. When you include Sanniti coffee in your pantry, you’ll be able to experience the Italian café culture in the comfort of home. Choose from a single 12 oz bag or a pack of 6 to stay fully stocked.

After years of searching, tasting and sourcing the best prices, we are proud to offer our customers a wide range of exclusive, hard-to-find Italian imports. Shop the Sanniti brand today and enjoy the premium quality of Italy’s finest products.