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Ink Pasta

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Ink Pasta

What is ink pasta?

Ink pasta is made by combining pasta dough with squid ink. Distinctively dark, the ink dyes the pasta a deep black coloring but also adds a hint of salt and fish flavor. Squid ink is high in glutamate, a naturally occurring amino acid, which makes ink pasta rich in umami flavor. 

What can I make with squid ink pasta?

The pastabilities are endless when using ink pasta noodles! Bring out the subtle hints of salt and brine by making a seafood pasta tossed with clams and mussels. Toss it with acidic tomatoes and shrimp for an easy weeknight meal that still feels gourmet. Even a simple saute with garlic, butter and sage will be equally delicious.

What varieties of squid ink pasta are there?

You can add squid ink to virtually any pasta shape, but it works particularly well with long noodles such as spaghetti, bucatini, and fettuccine. Don’t count out other shapes entirely, though! Germe is a small ring pasta often dyed with squid ink, and when it’s added to soups and stews, you get an extra serving of umami flavor in each bite.