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Goat Cheese

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The Unique Flavor of Goat Cheese 

Farmers have been making cheese from goat’s milk since antiquity. Goats in Italy graze on lush mountain hillsides, giving their milk a grassy taste that is often accompanied by other earthy flavors such as mushroom or walnut. Goat cheese comes in soft and semi-soft varieties that make it great for crumbling and spreading. The strength of the goat cheese depends on the aging process, which could range from 24 hours to three months. It is easy to add flavor to goat cheese, so the cheese is often mixed with Italian herbs such as rosemary and oregano, or rubbed with paprika on the rind.

What kinds of goat cheese can I buy? 

Supermarket Italy has a wide selection of Italian cheeses available, goat cheese included. A classic, spreadable goat cheese like Couturier Creamy Goat Cheese will make a terrific spread for sandwiches, and you can always add a little more zest with an herbed goat cheese like Mitica Cabra Romero Semi Soft Goat Cheese with Rosemary. Wow your party guests with a more unique variety on the charcuterie board such as La Cofradia Ibores Semi-Firm Goat’s Milk Cheese, only made by seven producers in the entire world, or Mitica Garrotxa Goat's Milk Cheese with Mold, the famous pungent goat cheese from Catalonia.

What can I make with goat cheese?

A soft cheese made of goat’s milk is great for spreading on crackers and baguette sandwiches. Crumble it in your salad to give leafy greens a natural creaminess. There are many types of herbed goat cheese, from dried rosemary to bold paprika that you can add to a charcuterie board for enhanced texture and flavor.