Bauma Formatge Garrotxa Cheese, 2 lb.

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Garrotxa cheese is a pasteurized goat milk cheese from Spain

This Spanish cheese was named the Best Catalonian Garrotxa in 2018.

Try this fresh goat cheese with dried fruit on a charcuterie board or cheese board.

Bauma Formatge Garrotxa Cheese is a pasteurized goat cheese from Catalonia, Spain. This creamy, semi soft cheese is aged for two to three months to achieve a fresh, herbaceous flavor with notes of tangy citrus. Its velvety texture and mild taste make it an excellent type of cheese for budding cheese aficionados to try. Enjoy Bauma Garrotxa Cheese as an appetizer or in salads, paired with fruity or dry white wine. Named “Best Catalonian Garrotxa” in 2018 by LACTIUM.

Goat milk (past.), enzymes, animal rennet, salt

2 lb.


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