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Baking Ingredients

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What are Italian baking ingredients?

World-renowned for excellent cuisine, Italians are also the tastemakers when it comes to classic baked goods. If you want to master the texture and flavor of authentic Italian bread and pastries, you should only use Italian baking ingredients, which are specially formulated for quality and flavor. Read More

From pizza and fresh pasta to chocolate marzipan and biscotti, Italy has a rich and storied tradition of savory and sweet baked goods. When Arab traders and explorers first brought noodles to the Mediterranean in the 15th century, production was significantly improved by the replacement of regular flour with durum semolina, which has a higher gluten content and lower moisture. This allowed for the pasta to have a longer shelf life and a distinct flavor that set it apart from Asian-style noodles. Around the same time, Arabs also introduced sugar to Europe through the Silk Road trade routes, which resulted in the creation of classic cakes, dessert drinks, and traditional Italian pastries.

At Supermarket Italy, you'll find a range of Italian baking ingredients that are used in classic recipes. An essential ingredient for making pizza is 00 Caputo flour from Molino Grassi, an organic, non-GMO brand from Parma, Italy. Called the grandfather of Italian flour by the editors of Saveur magazine, it's the perfect variety for pizza because of its finely ground texture. It also has a lower gluten content compared to other flours, which creates a thin and crispy crust that is characteristic of traditional Italian pizza. Supermarket Italy also features other Italian flour brands such as Antico, another top choice for Italian flour power. For a touch of gourmet in pasta, bread, and other doughs, Sabatino also makes an exquisite white truffle flour, which is full of nuanced and complex flavors.

If you're making fresh pasta, make sure you stock your pantry with organic durum semolina, which is made by Antico and Molino Grassi, the historic brands of the Italian flour industry. For those with food sensitivities or Celiac disease, Supermarket Italy also offers several gluten-free options such as Otto's cassava flour made from 100% yuca root. Certified gluten-free and Paleo, it makes the perfect substitute for all your favorite wheat recipes. Other choices include Farabella gluten-free Italian flour, which is made from a blend of cornstarch and rice flour.

For sweet pastries and desserts, vanilla bean paste is another Italian baking ingredient that helps enhance other flavors commonly found in baked goods such as cinnamon, nutmeg, and sugar. Take your pastries and desserts to new heights with Taylor & Colledge organic vanilla bean paste with seeds, a premium brand imported from Australia.

Where to buy Italian baking ingredients

If you want to bake something that every Italian grandmother would approve of, shop for Italian ingredients at Supermarket Italy and complete your checklist for home-baked Italian specialties in your home kitchen or restaurant. Along with Italian flour, leavening agents, and flavor extracts, Supermarket Italy also features a range of Italian ingredients that are essential for all your baking needs. When you shop at our online store, you'll find everything you need at an affordable price, plus the added convenience of fast delivery straight to your door.