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Black Olives

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Black Olives 

Grown in the sunny hills of Italy, Spain, and Greece, black olives are tender and briny fruits that have become synonymous with Mediterranean cuisine. Frequently preserved in brine to keep their vibrant acidic flavor, these olives are ideal for snacking. They can also be integrated into many different dishes, from Greek salad to baked chicken.     

What can I make with black olives? 

Black olives can be used to accompany a variety of Mediterranean foods. Along with onions and feta cheese, black olives are a common ingredient in Greek salads. Serve them as part of an antipasti platter with Italian meats and cheeses, enjoy them as pizza toppings, or serve as a simple snack at cocktail hour

Where can I buy black olives?

Supermarket Italy has a full selection of Mediterranean food products, including black olives that will be delicious as antipasti or pizza toppings. Shop for more charcuterie board snacks and salad ingredients at our gourmet online grocery.