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What is Decaf Coffee

Decaffeinated, or, as it’s commonly called, decaf, coffee is exactly what it sounds like: coffee minus the caffeine. Well, that's mostly true. Decaf coffee does have caffeine in it that is natural to coffee beans, but the percentage is so minuscule that people often drink it with dessert so it won't keep them wired before bedtime. For the folks who need coffee to feel awake, this sounds ridiculous. Unfortunately, many of these people are quick to make fun of decaf espresso and coffee when they haven’t even tasted it.

Over the years, decaffeinated coffee has garnered an unfair reputation. Coffee aficionados around the world have lamented about the bland taste and weakness of decaf. Perhaps this was true in the past. These days, however, many brands, including Lavazza, Kimbo, Illy, and Hag, have what it takes to change the public's perception on decaf coffee. Most Italian decaf coffee products have great taste and boast a full body— we have even been told that some decaf coffee products taste better than most regular coffee brands! Read More

How is decaf coffee made?

To make decaf, one has to remove the caffeine from the coffee beans. This is always accomplished by using water while the coffee bean is still green and unroasted. First, the raw beans are steamed, then rinsed with a solvent that is meant to remove some of the caffeine. Afterwards, there are several different water-based procedures the beans go through.

1. Swiss Water Process: This process uses a solution called Coffee Green Extract, which absorbs caffeine out of the beans. The entire process takes roughly eight to ten hours.
2. Organic Solvent Process or Water Process: This method involves soaking the beans in hot water for hours, and then extracting the caffeine using either dichloromethane or ethyl acetate.
3. Triglyceride Process: Here, green, raw beans are soaked in a hot water and coffee mixture, removed, and then marinated in a mixture of oils pressed from coffee grounds. Eventually, the oil is cleaned off and the beans are dried and roasted like regular coffee. The decaffeinating oil can be cleaned and used over and over again, making it a pretty sustainable method.

It’s important to note that these processes have been developed with the goal of maintaining flavor. Though the caffeine is gone, the taste is still like the coffee you get to enjoy with caffeine.

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