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Ground Coffee

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What is ground coffee?

Don’t have a coffee grinder? Don’t live near a good Italian caffe or Italian coffee bar? Well, not to worry! At Supermarket Italy, we’ve done the work for you. Join our coffee culture and view our large selection of Italian ground espresso coffee beans. Featuring enough varieties for every taste and pleasure, our selection includes everything from Decaf cans of Kimbo Macinato Fresco bricks to Lavazza Caffe Espresso. Keep your pantry stocked with the finest Italian ground coffee and enjoy the convenience of ready-to-go grinds, which are perfect for your favorite espresso drinks.

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Italian Ground Coffee

Made with 100% Arabica beans from around the world, Italian ground coffee is a smooth, yet robust and velvety brew. At Supermarket Italy, we feature every variety of Italian ground coffee, including dark roast, medium roast, and Moka espresso. Indulge in the Italian coffee culture when you create your own at-home cafe with lattes, cappuccinos, and other classic drinks made with premium Italian ground coffee, the preferred choice for coffee lovers all over the globe.

How to prepare a ground coffee

That’s the beauty of ground coffee—there’s no preparation. It’s ground and ready to go! Simply measure out the coffee grinds and follow the specifications for your type of coffee maker. For instance, if you have a drip coffee machine, measure one tablespoon of coffee grinds for every cup and place in a filter. Then add water to your machine and wait for the Italian ground coffee to permeate the air with warm and comforting aromas. Both stove top and electric espresso makers follow a similar technique; get the best-flavored coffee when you use premium quality espresso ground coffee like Lavazza or Illy. Even easier to use, our selection of Lavazza K-cups combines the excellent quality of Italian ground coffee with the convenience of coffee at the press of a button.

Popular brands of Italian ground coffee

Thanks to a passion for excellence in every cup, Lavazza ground coffee is the preferred choice for coffee drinkers in Italy and all over the world. Known for its warm and rich notes of chocolate and spice, Lavazza makes the best ground coffee for all your favorite espresso drinks.

Exquisite, deluxe, and quintessential, another favorite is Illy, an iconic coffee company that epitomizes the Italian lifestyle in every cup. The secret to this perfectly balanced brew is the blend of nine varieties of Arabica beans, a roasting technique that begin with the founder Francesco Illy.
Also loved a ‘latte’ is Segafredo, a classic Italian ground coffee with a bold yet blissfully aromatic flavor.

Where to buy Italian ground coffee?

At Supermarket Italy, our customers love the convenience of all their favorite Italian coffee brands available in one place. Choose from a variety of ground coffee, including Medaglia D’oro, Kimbo, and other famous brands. Along with Italian favorites like Lavazza, Segafredo, Illy, and more, Supermarket Italy also carries premium ground coffee brands from other countries. Stock your pantry with Dallmayr from Germany and Alto Grande from Puerto Rico and create an international cafe in the comfort of home. Take a load off and brew up a cup of something really special.