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Mediterranean Seafood

With an age-old tradition of excellence and the highest standards of production, Italian seafood imports are the preferred protein of choice for chefs around the world. As pioneers of Old World cuisine, Italian brands of seafood are known for their incredible freshness and delicate, nuanced flavors. Paired with pasta, sauce, and seasoningsthe holy trinity of Italian cuisineseafood can transform an ordinary meal into a world-class dish. Order Italian seafood online at Supermarket Italy and try whipping up classic seafood dishes that reflect the coastal regions of Italy.

What types of Mediterranean seafood options are there?

When you shop for Mediterranean seafood online at Supermarket Italy, you can choose from an extensive selection of premium quality products, from canned Italian tuna to dried cod. Some of our bestsellers are Ortiz tuna and other canned fish like anchovy fillets in salt by Agostino Recca.. Shop for rare and hard-to-find specialty items like Adamas Exclusive Italian Caviar and Bottarga, a salted and cured fish roethe culinary diamonds of the sea. We also feature gourmet products such as Nortindal Cuttlefish Ink, which adds a touch of elegance and complexity to risottos, pasta, and many other dishes.

In addition to selling premium packages goods, Supermarket Italy is proud to be a partner of Mmmediterranean, which delivers fresh seafood from Europe to your door. Caught on location, packed in ice, and shipped 2-day air, the products remain fresh. Order octopus, shrimp, lobsters and more from Mmmediterranean for an authentic addition to your next recipe!

What dishes to make with Mediterranean seafood

As a country surrounded by water, Italy has a time-honored tradition of cooking from the sea. Mediterranean seafood adds sophistication and depth to basic ingredients like pasta and vegetables. Toss shellfish with pasta noodles to make classic seafood dishes like Spaghetti alle Vongole or shrimp scampi. Italian tuna brings hearty greens to life with a fresh and briny bite, or there’s always the easy tuna fish sandwich. Anchovy fillets can be used to make classic Caesar dressing or add salty flavor to a pizza. Other canned fish like sardines can be eaten alone with extra virgin olive oil and lemon or incorporated into salads, pasta, and sandwiches.