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Hot Sauce & Condiments

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What is Italian hot sauce?

One of the most essential condiments in every kitchen, hot sauce is the magic ingredient that brings all the flavors of a dish to life. Made with varying combinations of salt, vinegar, and hot chili peppers, a few drops or tablespoons are all you need to transform the flavor of savory foods. The combination of heat and acidity in hot sauce is what allows all the different flavors to become more pungent and complex with every bite. Read More

With varying levels of heat, the flavors of hot sauce can be sweet and tangy or have a hint of smokiness; it all depends on the ratio of ingredients. And because hot sauce contains hot chili peppers, it also has numerous health benefits. Capsaicin, the naturally occurring chemical in hot peppers, has been scientifically proven to boost metabolism, increase circulation, and prevent food poisoning. It also adds a flavorful and vibrant zing to many dishes.

Historically speaking, hot sauce was more than a flavor enhancer for savory dishes; the antimicrobial properties in chili peppers, the main ingredient in Italian hot sauce, helped protect against food poisoning. This is why hot sauce was a popular condiment for many types of food.

When you use the best hot sauce in your recipes, your dishes will be brimming with vibrancy and spice. Make the most of your ingredients when you buy hot sauce from Supermarket Italy such as Rossa Marina by Tutto Calabria, a spicy Italian spread that can be used on pizza, pasta, sandwiches, and more.

Another specialty from Supermarket Italy is Neonata, a hot fish appetizer that combines the briny and spicy-hot flavors of hot chili peppers, icefish, and seasonings. Give your meals a southern Italian twist with this classic hot sauce from the Calabria region.

A small amount of Dea Harissa is all it takes to bring the intense and pungent flavors of Tunisian-style hot sauce to your recipes. Made in France using the freshest vegetables and seasonings, this powerful hot sauce gets its bold flavor from the holy trinity of North African herbs and spices: coriander, garlic, and caraway.

At Supermarket Italy, you’ll also find a selection of specialty imports from other countries such as Mina Harissa, a Morrocon style red pepper sauce. Made with authentic, all-natural ingredients, add a few dollops of this mild to spicy red pepper sauce and instantly transform ordinary ingredients into gourmet cuisine with a North African flair. For a little variety in your cooking, it also comes in green pepper flavor.

Where to buy hot sauce

Supermarket Italy has everything you need for your condiment shopping checklist, including the best Italian hot sauce, an essential finishing ingredient that carries all the flavors throughout the dish and finishes with an elegant relish. When you buy hot sauce from Supermarket Italy, get ready to experience the spicy and vibrant flavors of Italy in every bite.

A few drops of the best hot sauce is all it takes to transform your recipes from ordinary to memorable and delicious. Buy Italian hot sauce from Supermarket Italy today and enhance your cooking with a pungent combination of chili peppers and seasonings, the key ingredients in this kitchen staple.