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Artichoke Hearts and Canned Artichoke

Canned Artichokes

As pioneers of canning and preserving vegetables, Italians have mastered the time-honored tradition of harvesting and processing artichokes, one of the most popular made in Italy imports. Preserved with a combination of Italian seasonings, oil, and salt, canned artichoke hearts and leaves have tender, buttery flavor that is enhanced with the tangy bite of vinegar. Made with all natural and organic ingredients, gourmet canned artichoke hearts from Italy and other countries lend a pungent and bright flavor to a long list of dishes, from antipasti to main meals.

How to prepare dishes with canned artichokes & artichoke hearts

Artichokes add bright acidity to any type of dish, which is why they make flavorful toppings for pizza, pasta, salads, and so much more. In addition to their fresh and tangy flavor, canned artichokes are easy and convenient because they are already cooked and seasoned; simply toss them into your recipe and instantly transform an ordinary dish into a gourmet meal with depth and complexity. Canned artichoke hearts can also be made into a tapenade by finely chopping them and tossing with extra virgin olive oil, lemon juice, and Italian herbs like basil and parsley. This delicious and flavorful tapenade is a perfect antipasti served with toast points, or for adding zest to salads and pasta dishes.