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Think of the most expensive item on a fine dining menu, and chances are your mind goes immediately to lobster. This red-shelled crustacean is highly sought after for chefs and food lovers alike. Lobster is prized in part because it is so difficult to produce and export. They don’t do well in farming conditions, so they must be wild caught, and the resulting catch is fresh and briney. Their tender meat mixes well with pasta dishes, like lobster scampi, but the classic way to eat lobster is whole with plenty of butter on the side!  

Fresh Lobster With Mmmediterranean

Supermarket Italy is proud to be a partner of Mmmediterranean, a shipping company that brings fresh shrimp and other seafood from Europe to your door. Caught on location, packed in ice, and shipped 2-day air, the lobster remains fresh, like you’ve just hauled it up from the boat yourself. 

Mmmediterranean Wild Langoustines Norway Lobsters are found in the cold dark oceans off the coast of Norway. Their meat is tender and firm and works great for grilling, sauteing, and boiling. For those who don’t like the mess of cracking lobster, Mmmediterranean Fresh Lobster Tails come individually. Cook and serve lobster tail with steak for a luxurious surf and turf.  

What Dishes Can I Make With Lobster?

Lobster meat is known for being buttery and flaky and can be added as an upgrade to chicken or fish in many dishes. Bake a decadent lobster mac and cheese with cheddar, gouda and mozzarella topped with breadcrumbs. Toss lobster meat with linguine, white wine and garlic for a lobster scampi. Have a New England holiday with a lobster roll. Mix lobster meat with mayo, garlic, celery and onion and serve on a toasted butter roll.