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Linguine vs Fettuccine: What’s the Difference?

Many people (understandably) get linguine pasta confused with other types of flat noodles, such as fettuccine pasta and trenette pasta. So what’s the actual difference between all of these types of noodles? It comes down to size. Linguine noodles are approximately 3.17 millimeters wide, which is smaller than fettuccine pasta.

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Where does linguine pasta come from?

Linguine pasta traces its origins to the Liguria region of Italy, specifically the city of Genoa. This part of Northern Italy is famous for its pesto sauce, vegetable dishes, and local seafood, like these 5 Meals You Must Eat in Genoa.

What are popular linguine recipes?

The people of the Liguria region of Italy don’t eat nearly as much meat as the southern regions of the country. Therefore, popular linguine recipes include linguine with clam sauce (or other seafood inspired pasta dishes), linguine with pesto sauce, and linguine with wine sauce. Because linguine is a thinner noodle than fettuccine, it is best prepared with lighter cream sauces. According to The Pasta Project, a traditional linguine recipe datin back to the 18th century includes pesto sauce, green beans and potatoes.