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Giuseppe Cocco

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What is Giuseppe Cocco?

Giuseppe Cocco is an artisan pasta brand centered in Abruzzo, Italy. They specialize in handmade pasta, crafted with bronze molds and traditional drying techniques. Offering both long and short pasta noodles, Giuseppe Cocco guarantees the use of original Italian ingredients such as durum wheat semolina and fresh spring water.   

Giuseppe Cocco’s Unique Legacy

Domenico Cocco began training as a pasta chef at the age of 14, and within a short time became “Maestro Domenico,” an honored title for artisan crafters. He taught his son Giuseppe Cocco everything he knew — how to cut the grains, how to mix in fresh spring water, and how to feed the dough through rollers — and soon the student became a master as well. In 1944, after a WWII bombing, Giuseppe had to search the rubble for the pasta machine parts that his father used. Once he found them, he reassembled the machines and got to work on rebuilding the Giuseppe Cocco brand. Today, the company is known for its authentic flavors, traditional manufacturing, and the passion for pasta as an artform.  


What kinds of Giuseppe Cocco products can I buy?

Supermarket Italy offers a range of Giuseppe Cocco pasta shapes from short pasta noodles like Giuseppe Cocco Penne Rigate to Giuseppe Cocco Angel Hair, all made with their classic durum wheat semolina. Try their egg pastas such as Giuseppe Cocco Egg Fettuccine or their line of organic pasta, such as Giuseppe Cocco Organic Spaghetto.