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What are Italian Beverages & Sodas?

As the world’s most influential tastemakers, Italians have a long and storied history with sodas and other types of refreshing drinks. Along with an extensive selection of pasta, condiments, and more, Supermarket Italy also carries a choice of classic Italian beverages that are perfect for quenching both your thirst and nostalgia for the authentic flavors of yesteryear. Read More

Cleanse your palate and refresh your senses with bottled Italian soda, which is basically happiness in a glass. Italians are renowned for their excellent food but their beverages are just as exquisite. From Santal for a morning cup of juice to Sanbitter over ice as a traditional "apertivo", our selection features the iconic brands that can be enjoyed alone or as a mixer in a long list of classic cocktails.

A traditional before-dinner drink, Sanbitter red by San Pellegrino has a bright red color and a licorice-like flavor with hints of citrus. It is typically poured over ice and served a few hours before dinner. You can also use Sanbitter to add an extra kick to cocktails when you substitute it for soda water. Sanbitter also comes in dry white, which has a sweet, herbaceous flavor.

Another famous Italian beverage from San Pellegrino, their Chinotto Citrus has reached cult status as a soda that’s incomparable in flavor. The secret to its unique taste is the extract of zesty Chinotto oranges that have been sun-ripened in southern Italy. The essential oils of orange blossom flowers and bright notes of citrus are accented with subtle hints of cinnamon and rhubarb, which rounds out the flavors in a mix of 20 different herbs. It can be served chilled as a refreshing Italian beverage or as a flavor enhancer for classic Italian dishes like puntarelle with anchovies.

At Supermarket Italy, you’ll find an exclusive selection of imported Italian beverages for all your needs. A popular bottled Italian soda from Compari, Crodino Analcolico is a lightly sparkling beverage flavored with an aromatic blend of herbs, spices, woods, and roots that have been aged for six months. This ripening process is what gives Crodino its characteristic flavor and aroma. It has a bittersweet taste with hints of vanilla and notes of citrus, which lingers on the palate. The pleasant aftertaste makes it perfect for mellowing the bite of liquor in your favorite cocktails.

A staple of Italian culture, the famous Santal has finally brought the flavors of Italy to the United States. The blend of fresh and naturally sweet blood orange citrus can be enjoyed on its own or mixed with complimentary spirits.

Where to buy Italian beverages

When you buy Italian soda from Supermarket Italy, you can expect an inexpensive wholesale price for orders of all sizes. Whether you’re stocking a household or restaurant, Supermarket Italy is the #1 place to buy Italian beverages and bottled sodas. Buy Italian beverages online today and get ready to experience the flavors of Italy with every refreshing sip.