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Beverages & Sodas

Refreshing Italian Drinks and Sodas 

Italians are renowned for their excellent food, but their beverages are just as exquisite. Enjoy Italian drinks alone as a refreshing midday break or as a mixer in a long list of classic cocktail recipes. From Santal for a morning cup of juice to Sanbitter over ice as a traditional aperitivo, Supermarket Italy’s selection features the iconic Italian beverage brands that you crave.

What kinds of Italian Drinks can I buy?

The aperitivo is a time honored Italian tradition where drinks both alcoholic and non-alcoholic are enjoyed before dinner. Supermarket Italy carries Italian drinks that will be great mixed in aperitivo cocktail recipes or sipped solo any time of day. Enjoy Sanbitter Red, a traditional before-dinner drink by San Pellegrino that has a bright red color and a licorice-like flavor with hints of citrus. Sanbitter also comes in dry white, which is sweet and herbaceous. Crodino Analcolico is a light, sparkling beverage flavored with an aromatic blend of herbs, wood roots, vanilla, and citrus. Chinotto Soda is an Italian soda made from Chinotto orange fruit, sun ripened in Southern Italy. A’Siciliana transports you to the Mediterranean with its line of sparkling sodas flavored with regional specialities like lemon and blood orange.

More Beverages from Around the World

Supermarket Italy offers beverages and sodas from across the globe. Try German sparkling soda Bionade, which offers delicious varieties of Lemon Bergamot, Elderberry, and Rhubarb. For a mocktail that is more refreshing than sugary, the United Kingdom distributes Seedlip Grove Non-Alcoholic Spirits with zesty citrus and warming aromatic flavors. Teisseire French Syrups will turn simple drinks such as iced tea into deliciously flavored drinks with a twist, while just a few drops of Cortas Orange Blossom Water from Lebanon will sweeten water, sodas, and even pastries.