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What is salt?

One of the most essential seasonings for both savory and sweet foods, salt is a necessity for every kitchen. Just a pinch of salt has the power to activate all the nuanced flavors of a dish. A must-have flavor enhancer, salt comes in a variety of forms, which all have a distinct purpose in cooking and baking. Read More

What is Italian salt?

Hand harvested from the Mediterranean on the west coast of Sicily, Italian salt is still cultivated according to the ancient tradition of the Phoenicians. Compared to other types of salt, Italian salt contains a significant amount of iodine, an essential mineral for preventing iodine deficiency disorders (IDD).
At Supermarket Italy, we feature the full line of Seasonello fine sea salt products, a premium brand of sea salt enriched with iodine. Using a new technology developed by the University of Bologna, Italy, Caber has found a way to guarantee a consistent amount of iodine in their Italian sea salt products.

The Many Uses of Salt

Supermarket Italy’s online market features a variety of salt products including fine sea salt, sea salt flakes, Celtic salt, and flavored salt. To satisfy those sweet and salty cravings, the larger crystals of Maldon sea salt flakes can be sprinkled onto baked goods like chocolate fudge, brownies, or caramels; it lends a crunchy bite and a hint of brininess to your favorite sweet treats.

Rich in minerals, Italian sea salt is an excellent all-purpose condiment you can use in a variety of savory dishes, from meat and vegetables to soups and sauces.

In addition to Maldon sea salt flakes, we also offer several varieties of Celtic sea salt, a naturally derived variety that is harvested off the coast of northwest France. Slightly gray in color and less briny than other types, this mineral-rich sea salt contains trace minerals and elements that are associated with many health benefits, from better digestion to boosting the immune system. In cooking, this unrefined kosher salt is considered a high-quality salt by top chefs. Choose from the fine grind or the light grey type for enhancing the flavor of soups, meat, fish, vegetables, and a long list of other dishes.

Whether it’s Italian sea salt or the Celtic variety, the fine grind is better for infusing into food as you cook because it dissolves easily. Another fine grind to keep in your spice rack is Le Guerande Fleur de Sel, which has a lower sodium content than other regular salts.

Coarse sea salts such as Celtic, Italian, or sea salt flakes from England are ideal as a finishing salt, especially when you want to add a touch of flavor and crunch to your dish. Maldon sea salt flakes from England can also be used as a finishing salt, especially when you want intense pops of flavor in your food.

For a little variation in your salt collection, we also feature premium types of salt infused with gourmet ingredients such as truffles and other seasonings like rosemary, garlic, sage, and pepper. Choose from the top Italian brands like Seasonello and Bernardini, the preferred flavored salts of top chefs and gourmands.

Where to buy Italian salt?

Supermarket Italy also features a range of premium Italian salt brands, including Sabitino, Seasonello, and Bernardini. We also carry top European varieties such as La Baleine, Le Guerandais, and more. If you’re looking for a convenient and affordable online shop to buy salt, you’ve come to the right place. Shop our sea salt collection today and elevate every aspect of your cooking and baking.