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Knife Sets

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Knife Sets

Upgrade your kitchen and your meal prep skills! Shop for state of the art knife block sets with Supermarket Italy's selection of Zwilling J.A. Henckels pro block set & Zwilling steak knives. Read More

Home cooks and top chefs will all agree: there is no kitchen item more important than a good quality knife. Investing in one of the world’s best knife block sets is a purchase that you can enjoy in your kitchen for a lifetime. After all, high-quality knives, like one of the Zwilling J.A Henckels Pro knife block sets are built to last.

What are the Best Knife Sets to Buy?

We understand that this is a major investment, and great care should be taken when deciding on the best knife set to buy. We tend to like sturdy, stainless steel knives. Typically, your premium knife block sets include a pairing knife, which is good for small jobs like peeling fruit or cutting up an avocado. A serrated knife is ideal for cutting raw tomatoes, cooked meat (like steak), or bread. Adding to your kitchen arsenal is a Santoku knife: as the name suggests, this knife is Japanese in origin. (Actually, its name means “three virtues,” which suggests the versatility of this particular utensil.) It is similar in size to a chef’s knife but has a differently shaped blade for mincing, chopping, and dicing.

Also included in knife block sets, a nice and sharp chef’s knife is a cooking classic. For steak knives, we love Zwilling steak knives, but there are plenty of high-quality makers out there. They are a dining table staple and get plenty of use, so make sure to invest in a set you really like. Kitchen shears are another useful item in the knife block set; you will use them more than you would think. These uses include opening packaged ingredients to quickly snipping some herbs over a dish.

Another essential item is sharpening steel: Do not let this important item gather dust! You should regularly sharpen your knives — it will make for a safer and easier cooking experience.
All knife sets should always include a block, which gives your beautiful new cutlery easy storage in the kitchen.

Where Can I Buy a Good Quality Knife Block Set?

The best knife block sets are an investment that many adults choose to make for their homes. Back in the day, choosing the right set required a lot of work— going from store to store and talking to everybody you know seemed to be the only way. But nowadays, it has never been easier. It’s simple and convenient to research, browse for, and eventually buy a knife block set online.

At Supermarket Italy, we know that the quality of your cooking and dining knives are serious business. That is why we only stock brands that we love and respect. After all, when it comes to recommending the best knife sets to buy, we’d like to call ourselves experts!

We are big fans of the Zwilling J.A Henckels Pro knife block sets, as well as Zwilling steak knives. In fact, we trust and stand by Zwilling knives so much, they are the only brand we sell.

Are you ready to bring the preferred knife of professional chefs into your kitchen? Order from Supermarket Italy today to invest in a knife block set that suits all of your needs. We’ll even throw in free shipping with any order over $50!