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Fig Spread, Dried Figs and Fig Rolls

Amore dei Fichi!

Looking for an online space to buy Dalmatia® fig spread, chocolate covered figs, and fig jam? Supermarket Italy is your number one spot to buy fig spread and other European products featuring the delightful “fruit.” Read More

From Ancient Times to Modern Tables

Ahh, figs. Often associated with luxury and sensuality, these inverted flowers (and yes, that’s what they technically are,) have been feeding us for thousands of years. Figs are frequently mentioned in the bible—indeed, the image of Adam and Eve covered up by their leaves is recognizable even to the least religious folks out there. From the beginning, figs have played a considerable role in many traditions and mythologies.

What are Figs?

Plump, jammy, and sweet, figs are a honeylike treat that have enchanted humans for millennia. They can be consumed in any way imaginable; they are glorious fresh off the tree, air dried, baked into a variety of sweets, or cooked into a rich spread.

Since ancient times, figs have played an important role in society—in fact, they were one of the earliest domesticated crops in human history. Chances are, you’ve even read about them during your history lessons; legendary Greek philosopher Aristotle wrote extensively of the fascinating plant, describing in awe the symbiotic relationship that figs share with wasps.

Figs also have a long history in Italy—ancient Romans had many culinary uses for the prized “fruit,” and often used it to fatten up geese, a la foie gras. Though it’s usage has changed and evolved, it’s just as popular today, both in Italy and internationally.

These days, Italian fig spread is one of the most popular ways to use this juicy treat. You might recognize this one from restaurant and cafe menus— it has become increasingly trendy to pair milky cheese like burrata, or salty meats like prosciutto, with Dalmatia® fig jam. Paninis, pizzas and flatbreads, and cheese boards, all benefit from a generous dollop of Italian fig spread.

Meanwhile, chocolate covered figs provide a taste of indulgence. Otherwise known as fichi al cioccolato, chocolate covered figs, are a tasty delight that are enjoyed across the world for their sweet and sumptuous flavor. Chewy yet smooth, creamy yet crunchy, chocolate covered figs are the perfect gift for a friend, or special treat for yourself.

Finally, due to their natural sweetness, figs find their way into plenty of cookies and cakes. In parts of the world, fig cake is a popular Christmas treat— perhaps you recognize the term “figgy pudding” from one of your favorite yuletide carols?

What are Some Popular Brands of Fig Products?

Due to the lasting popularity of the fruit, many brands have created beloved fig products. Croatian-made Dalmatia® fig spread has developed a fervent following, even winning a gold medal from NASFT in 2009. Though it’s widely available on European shelves, Americans and others far away from the continent can buy fig spread right here on SupermarketItaly.com.

When it comes to chocolate covered figs, you have quite a few high-quality options available. On SupermarketItaly, you can find one of Europe’s favorite versions of the product—Mitica chocolate covered figs are family made in sunny Valencia, Spain.

How to Find (and Buy!) Figs, Fig Jam, and Italian Fig Spread

Depending on your location, figs are available in all sorts of spots. For those in warmer, more mediterranean climates (like those lucky Californians,) fresh figs grow easily. During their two main harvest seasons— one at the start of summer, and another in early autumn—a lovely variety of figs are available everywhere from farm stands to local grocery stores.

If you’re looking to buy fig jam, spread, or other tasty treats, you’re in luck. Many gourmet grocery stores and import shops stock it on their shelves. However, if you want to skip the drive (or the chance of driving to your local specialty store and finding it fig spread-less,) it’s easier to buy fig jam and other products online. With Supermarket Italy, European products have never been more accessible. Now, you can order all of your favorite fig products online—at incredibly competitive prices! All of our products are conveniently located in one central warehouse, so it’s easy to stock up on all your favorites in one go. In fact, we offer free shipping for all orders over $50!

Are you ready to try a taste of luxury? Take a bite out of history with figs from Supermarket Italy!

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