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Sliced Chorizo Sausage

What is Spanish Chorizo?

One of the country’s most ubiquitous foods, Spanish Chorizo has a hint of sweetness and spice that it gets from a special blend of paprika and other seasonings. Ranging in spice levels from mild to hot, authentic Spanish Chorizo adds a deeply smoky and tangy flavor to so many dishes, from tacos and eggs to sandwiches and salads. Read More

Palacios Chorizo from Supermarket Italy comes from a family owned company in La Rioja, Spain that uses traditional curing methods. After being dry-cured, these flavorful pork sausages are seasoned with a generations-old recipe of smoked paprika (Pimenton), which gives it a distinctively smoky flavor.

As the first authentic Spanish chorizo imported to the U.S., Palacios sets the standard for premium imported sausages. Using time-honored production techniques, the family-owned company starts with coarsely chopped pork that is seasoned with garlic, smoked paprika, and salt. Pimenton ranges from sweet to spicy, which affects the overall flavor of the sausages. After adding other herbs and seasonings, the chorizo is placed into natural casings and then fully cured and air dried.

The curing process gives chorizo its characteristic dark red color and delicious flavor; It also makes it convenient and ready to use. Simply open up the package and slice into rounds, which you can add to an appetizer plate with crackers and other toppings. Or toss some slices into your favorite pasta. It can also be crisped in a pan and then added to a salad for a rich and briny contrast to fresh lettuce and veggies.

For classic comfort food, buy chorizo from Supermarket Italy and slice it into rounds or crumble into eggs, which tastes delicious when topped with melted cheese. Going beyond breakfast and brunch, chorizo can also enhance hearty ingredients like green beans and kale or Italian beans.

Like a block of Parmigiana Reggiano, Spanish chorizo is an incredibly versatile ingredient with many uses in the kitchen. Combined with other pantry staples like pasta, olives, and various pickled vegetables, chorizo makes it easy to whip together a satisfying meal that everybody will love.

Where to buy chorizo

If you’re looking for where to buy chorizo, Supermarket Italy offers the finest imported meats, including the world-famous Spanish chorizo. Buy Palacio chorizo online today and enjoy the affordability and convenience of premium pork sausages delivered directly to your door. From pasta and cured meats to herbs and spices and so much more, Supermarket Italy has everything you need to make a crowd-pleasing dinner.