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Sliced Chorizo Sausage

What is Chorizo?

There are two types of chorizo sausage: Spanish chorizo and Mexican chorizo. The differences between Spanish chorizo and Mexican chorizo are important, as the former can be served as-is while the latter comes raw and must be cooked. Spanish chorizo is coarsely chopped sausage typically flavored with spices like paprika and garlic, while Mexican Chorizo tends to be ground sausage seasoned with red pepper and vinegar. Spice levels range from mild to hot, with a characteristically smoky taste.

What are some chorizo sausage recipes?

Cook chorizo sausage recipes for breakfast, lunch, or dinner! One of the most popular chorizo recipes is chorizo and eggs. Also try whipping up chorizo tacos and  chorizo burritos. Slice into rounds for an appetizer plate with crackers and cheese. Toss some chorizo into your favorite pasta, or crisp it in a pan and pair with chicken, beans or veggies.

Where to buy chorizo

Supermarket Italy carries a variety of chorizo, like chorizo rings, sliced chorizo, and fuet sticks. Our online gourmet grocery store offers quality brands such as Espuña and Palacios.