Salumeria Biellese Chorizo Secco, 5 lb. (Refrigerate after opening)

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Salumeria Biellese Chorizo is pork sausage with a spicy kick

This Spanish meat is made in the traditional style in the United States.

Cooked chorizo sausages are a staple part of both Spanish and Mexican cuisine.

Salumeria Biellese was created in 1925 in New York City and throughout the years it has been delivering high quality products. Their Chorizo Secco is made from ground Berkshire pork and seasoned with hot red pepper and paprika. Then, it is cured until firm. This Spanish chorizo features an appetizing red color, a rich flavor, and an exquisite aroma.

Serve this type of chorizo on its own or as part of a savory recipe. Spicy ground pork and scrambled eggs make a delicious side dish or main course for breakfast. Toss in diced chile pepper for an extra picante variation. Or slice thin and serve with smoky cheeses for a delectable charcuterie board platter. You can even combine this fiery ground meat sausage with cheese in a large bowl for a delicious queso fundido party dish.

Salumeria Biellese food items have all earned the Slow Food certification for outstanding quality.

5 lb. (9-10 pieces per package)

Product of USA

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