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Cookies, Biscuits & Crackers

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Cookies, Biscuits & Crackers

Crackers, Cookies, and Biscuits - Oh My!

Life in Italy is all about slowing down and enjoying the simple pleasures, like a breakfast cookie with a morning cappuccino or a buttery, olive oil cracker with a wedge of parmigiano reggiano. For breakfast, midday snacks, and cocktail hour charcuterie boards, there are a wide variety of Italian crackers, cookies, and biscuits to enjoy. With their delicious flavor and snackable size, you don’t have to eat just one! 

What kinds of Italian cookies and crackers can I buy? 

From savory to sweet, crunchy to crumbly, there is no shortage of variety of Italian snack crackers and cookies available. Mulino Bianco, one of our best selling cookie brands, makes a range of breakfast cookies such as Macine Cookies or Galletti Biscuits to dip into a luscious cappuccino. Chocolate lovers will gladly take home a box of Balocco Gocciolotti, studded with chocolate chunks, or Pavesi Ringo Goal Cookies with Chocolate, for a decadent midday treat. For a delicious charcuterie board, add some bite sized Italian breadsticks called grissini or olive oil crackers baked with Italian herbs and sea salt. Pair crisp Italian crackers with regional pecorino romano and Taleggio cheeses.

Where can I buy cookies and crackers? 

Supermarket Italy has all of the Italian cookies, biscuits and crackers you need to fill your pantry. Shop our wide selection of well-known cookie brands such as Mulino Bianco, Lazzarini, and Bolocco. In addition to Italian crackers, like Le Veneziane and Gran Pavesi, we also carry specialty crackers from Norway, France, and many other countries around the world.