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Balocco Italian Cookies and Pastries

Balocco has been baking Italian cookies, pastries, and other sweet treats for three generations. In the morning with a cappuccino or as a snack on the go, Balocco shortbread cookies are buttery, crunchy, and oh-so-satisfying. Their holiday specials, for which the company initially gained its recognition, include mandorlato and panettone.   

A Passion for Baked Goods Spanning Three Generations

Balocco began with the dream of Francesco Antonio Balocco, a passionate baker who started training in pastry kitchens as early as 11 years old and opened the first Balocco bakery in 1926. In the post war period, the bakery’s delicious Italian cookies became popular enough to sell in bulk, and the company also became famous for its packaged mandorlato. Since the boom of the fifties, Balocco has only grown, shipping to dozens of countries and adding new products with healthy ingredients whenever possible. Notably, they now include a line of whole wheat breakfast cookies and fiber-rich shortbreads. What has not changed is the family connection: Balocco is run by the grandchildren of Francesco, and they continue to show the same passion for baking that started it all.  

What kinds of Italian cookies can I buy from Balocco?

If you’re looking for something sweet to pair with your morning cappuccino, Balocco has plenty of delectable options. Try a healthy breakfast cookie such as Balocco Cruschelle Cookies, made with whole wheat flour and 6% fiber. Balocco Pastefrolle are shortbread cookies with deep ridges, perfect for dunking in coffee. For fans of chocolate, Balocco Gocciolotti Italian cookies are studded with rich chocolate chunks.