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Imported Cosmetics

In addition to our famous food offerings, Supermarket Italy has a range of health and beauty products imported from Italy, Greece, South Korea, and more. Crafted with natural ingredients and time-tested formulas, imported cosmetics and beauty products such as hand lotions, shaving creams, and body mists will leave skin feeling soft and clean.    

What kinds of imported cosmetics can I buy? 

Designed to keep the body feeling refreshed, imported health and beauty products are a way to feel luxurious and clean. South Korean beauty products are renowned for their quality, and Supermarket Italy offers a full range of Therapispa hand lotions, body creams, and refreshing sprays. The beloved Italian company Proraso has been making shaving creams and toners for generations, and their premium quality products make all the difference in keeping skin smooth and supple. Hand creams come in lovely scents such as white tea, coconut, and olive, while body mists by Therapispa are available in fresh citrus, peach, and orange.