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Clams / Berberechos

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What are clams? 

A member of the mollusk family, clams have a smooth outer shell that protects a meaty interior. Clams have been used in Mediterranean cooking for centuries, from Spain and Italy to Portugal and Greece. Whether served in the shell or shucked, clams’ briney flavor makes them a popular addition to pasta dishes, such as linguine alle vongole, chowders, and paellas.

What kinds of clam products can I buy?

For easy preparation, Supermarket Italy offers a variety of pre-shucked baby clams, such as Flott Baby Clams in Natural Juice or La Monica Chopped Sea Clams. Much of the appeal of clams comes from the brine, and for those who want to capture it without the clam texture, products like  La Monica Sea Clam Juice add maximum salty flavor. 

In addition to selling canned clams, Supermarket Italy is proud to be a partner of Mmmediterranean, which delivers fresh clams from Europe to your door. Caught on location, packed in ice, and shipped 2-day air, the clams remain fresh as though you hauled them out of the boat yourself. 

What can I cook with clams?

Clams add freshness and salty brine to a variety of dishes in Mediterranean cooking and beyond. Serve whole clams steamed and top with the simple ingredients of lemon and butter for a refreshing appetizer. Pasta and seafood lovers should try making the classic linguine alle vongole, using a recipe found right here on our blog! Use canned clams in a creamy New England Clam Chowder, or toss with other shellfish such as shrimp to make a Frutti di Mare seafood salad. Give distinct acidity to soups, and marinades by adding clam juice.