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Sampler Platters

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Cheese Sampler Platters

Cheese Sampler Platters

The sheer variety of cheeses available at Supermarket Italy can feel overwhelming, so why not try a cheese sampler platter and see which cheeses you like the best? From Italian cheese trios to international assortments, Supermarket Italy offers delicious cheese collections that will be perfect on a charcuterie board. 

Types of Cheese Samplers

Top Italian Gourmet Cheese Trio is a terrific place to start exploring classic Italian cheeses such as parmigiano reggiano, provolone, and pecorino romano. If you are looking to broaden your horizons beyond the boot, Sanniti brand offers an Imported International Cheese Sampler with Spanish Manchego, Italian Piave, and English Derby, as well as an Imported Pub Style Cheese Sampler that spans the United Kingdom. Any of these selections will make a delightful spread for a charcuterie board or cheese platter. 

What can I do with a cheese sampler?

With a cheese sampler platter, your next charcuterie board is already in motion! Pick out some cured meats and zesty spreads to go along with your selected cheeses. You can also experiment with grating and shaving your cheese samples as part of larger dishes. Try a bowl of penne pasta with imported Italian cheese grated on top, enjoy slices of Irish Cheddar on sandwiches, and top off a salad with crumbled manchego.