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A Penne For Your Thoughts

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Delicious Penne Pasta: Sauce’s Best Friend

Any fan of noodles and pasta can tell you that the varieties are practically unlimited. For fans of slurping and strands, there’s spaghetti, fettuccine, tagliatelle, and bucatini. For lovers of all things little and compact, orzo and stelline are favorites. However, for some people, the best part of a pasta meal is the sauce. In those cases, a short, tubular pasta is ideal— after all, it has more exposed area to soak up all that saucy goodness. These sauce sponges come quite a few popular forms— ziti, macaroni, and cavatappi all come to mind. However, none are quite as ubiquitous— and tasty— as penne noodles.

What is Italian Penne Pasta?

Penne pasta first came into the collective consciousness of noodle lovers in 1865, when a pasta maker from San Martino d’Albano patented a new kind of pasta-making machine. The design that Giovanni Battista Capurro came up with allowed him to cut tubular-shaped pasta on an angle— they were actually made to resemble the tip of a fountain pen, hence the name.

Today, Italian penne pasta can be found in two main varieties. One, penne rigate, is made with ridges, while the other, penne lisce, is smooth. Though some pasta enthusiasts swear by the ridged variety for it’s sauce-catching properties, the pointed edges and smooth interior of both make them ideal for a variety of plates and dishes.

If I Buy Penne Noodles, How Can I Use Them?

Once you know where to buy penne pasta, the sky’s the limit. This versatile ingredient, which can be found both fresh and dried, seems to have unlimited uses. Some of the more popular dishes include:

  • Al Dente with Sauce

Italian penne pasta is frequently prepared this way in its home country, however, the sauce choice ranges from household to household. Some popular topping choices for penne noodles include pesto alla Genovese, or arrabiata, a spicy, tomato-based sauce from Lazio. Stateside, marinara sauce is often spooned over steaming bowls of ridged penne and enjoyed with meatballs. Many American restaurants also serve penne with a creamy sauce of chicken and broccoli!

  • Baked Pasta Dishes and Casseroles

Baked pasta dishes are an American staple, and often involve both smooth and ridged penne noodles. Often, these are cheesy, tomato-based sauces, and can often be found studded with tasty meats, like sausage or meatballs.

  • Pasta Salads

Who says pasta needs to be served hot? Pasta salad is a delicious summertime treat, and the perfect dish to take to a cookout or potluck. With its extra surface area, penne pasta is the ideal noodle for these, as they absorb salad dressing beautifully.

  • Macaroni and Cheese

This American classic is often made with penne noodles. It’s easy to see why— the pointy ends make it a perfect utensil to scoop up every last bite of the creamy, cheesy goodness.

Help! I Don’t Know Where to Buy Penne Pasta!

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