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Holy Cannoli! A Classic Italian Dessert

One of Italy’s most recognizable exports, cannoli are Italian pastries consisting of a deep fried tube shell filled with ricotta or mascarpone cream. There are an endless variety of cannoli filling flavors, from the original vanilla cream to chocolate chip to crumbled pistachio. The cannoli shells can also come in delicious different flavors, such as chocolate, red velvet, and more.  

The Sicilian Staple Becomes a Global Icon  

Though now eaten throughout Italy, cannoli originated on the island of Sicily and are a proud regional staple. The dessert became popular as a treat for carnevale, the celebration before Lent, but there is also evidence to suggest that cannoli may have been around as early as 827 A.D. during Moorish rule of Sicily. Cannoli in Sicily traditionally use ricotta cream to fill the cannoli shells. When Italian immigrants arrived in the United States, sheep’s milk was harder to find, so mascarpone cream became another substitute filling for the Italian dessert. 

Where can I buy cannoli?

Supermarket Italy is your one stop shop for all Italian desserts, including cannoli. We have ready-made cannoli from brands such as Two Guys From Italy and Pagef. For those who want to make the creamy center from scratch, we carry pre-made cannoli shells. With gluten-free cannolis by Natisani, everyone can enjoy these famous Italian pastries regardless of dietary restrictions!