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Keto Diet Friendly

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What is the Keto Diet?

The Keto Diet (short for Ketogenic) is a healthy eating lifestyle that drastically reduces the intake of carbs. This diet plan relies heavily on healthy fats and a moderate amount of protein. describes the Standard Keto Diet as one that consists of 75 percent fat, 20 percent protein, and 5 percent carbs. Once your body adapts to this diet, it is shown to become extremely efficient at burning fat.

What are the health benefits of a Keto Diet?

The health benefits of a Keto Diet are numerous, including weight loss, decreased blood sugar levels, and even healthy brain stimulation. According to, this diet can help you lose up to twice as much weight as any other diet!

What can I eat on a Keto Diet?

So this all sounds great, but which foods actually qualify as Keto Diet foods? As for what to eat on a Keto Diet, look for any foods and snacks that are high in fat and protein content and low in carbohydrates. It is also suggested to avoid sugary foods, fruit (which are naturally high in sugar), beans, and alcohol.