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Italian Cacciatorini

Cacciatore: The Hunter’s Favorite Food

This type of salami meat is known as “hunter salami.” The story goes that cacciatore was the perfect type of salami meat for hunters to carry around on their trips because of its smaller size. Today, the word “cacciatore” can apply to a wide range of dishes because it indicates a certain type of seasoning. Sausage cacciatore and chicken cacciatore are both popular dishes which feature a spicy tomato sauce seasoned with herbs, onions, peppers and mushrooms.

What It Tastes Like

The word “cacciatore” itself indicates a level of spice. So all of the cacciatore salami types will have this flavor, though there are some that are hotter than others. This kind of salami can contain 100 percent pork meat, or a blend of pork and beef.

How to Prepare Cacciatore

Cacciatore salami is most often eaten as part of charcuterie boards and sandwiches. Because it is a “hunter” salami, cacciatore sausage recipes aren’t very complicated and are easily eaten on the go!

Types of Cacciatore I Can Buy from Supermarket Italy

Supermarket Italy carries a variety of sausage types. Cacciatore salami types include hot and mild. Cacciatorini (a smaller type of hunter sausage) and bulk orders are also available.