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Salumeria Biellese

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What is Salumeria Biellese? 

In 1925, two recent immigrants from the Biella region of Italy opened a salumeria in New York City’s Lower West Side. Using the artisan techniques of their ancestors, they began providing delicious Italian meats in the city and beyond, and their family-run operation continues nearly 100 years later. The salumeria is committed to keeping the old-world production process alive in all of their charcuterie meats, and their artisan methods have not gone unnoticed. In 2010 they were awarded a Slow Food NYC prize for their authenticity, quality and sustainability. Salumeria Biellese has also received acclaim in The New York Times, Zagat, Bon Appetit, and New York Magazine

What kinds of charcuterie meats can I buy from Salumeria Biellese? 

You will find a staggering variety of charcuterie meats available through Salumeria Biellese!  There are the charcuterie board classics such as Salumeria Biellese Coppa, Salumeria Biellese Hot Sopressata, and Salumeria Biellese Prosciutto Di Parma, as well as unique sausages, pancettas, and guanciales that are excellent for cooking. Though the salumeria started with exclusively Italian meats, the current shop offers flavors from around Europe, such as Salumeria Biellese Lardo Iberico or Salumeria Biellese Chorizo Secco.  

What can I make with Salumeria Biellese products? 

Salumeria Biellese has a wide range of deli meats that will enhance sandwiches, pizzas, and more. Pair prosciutto with crisp, sweet melon and a salty salami with gouda cheese on your next charcuterie board. Slice their pepperoni thinly and use it as a topping for homemade meat lovers pizza. Fry their flavorful pancetta and serve in a traditional pasta all’Amatriciana or pasta carbonara.