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Fontina / Fontal

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What is Fontina cheese?

Fontina cheese comes from the Aosta Valley in the Northwestern part of Italy. This area borders France and Switzerland, so much of the food found in this region is affected by the tastes and cuisines of those other European countries.

What does Fontina cheese taste like?

Fontina itself is a semi-soft cheese that is relatively creamy, although that really depends on how long the cheese has been aged. The flavor is rather mild, slightly sweet and nutty. Because of its subtle taste, Fontina goes well with a broad range of foods.

How should I eat Fontina cheese?

Fontina cheese is wonderful as part of a cheese board because it can pair well with almost anything. Eat fontina on mini toasts with a bold, fruity jam like Terrapin Ridge Farms Hot Pepper Raspberry Preserves. Fontina and truffles also make a heavenly combination. But what is Fontina cheese most known for? Fondue! Melted by itself or with Gruyere cheese, Fontina is a crucial ingredient in many a fondue recipe. Not only is it a great fondue cheese, but a stellar ingredient for a homemade cheese dip as well!