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Flavored Vinegars

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What are flavored vinegars?

An essential condiment for Italian cuisine and many other types of cooking, flavored vinegars help enhance other ingredients by bringing a sharp acidity to food with subtle notes of different fruit flavors. From apple cider vinegar and tomato vinegar to fig and balsamic varieties, Supermarket Italy has a full line-up of the finest flavored vinegars imported from Italy and other countries. When you buy flavored vinegars to include in your cooking arsenal, you'll have everything you need for making everyday meals, salad dressings, sauces and more.

What kinds of flavored vinegars and fruit vinegars are there?

In addition to a full collection of authentic balsamic vinegar, Supermarket Italy offers a range of other flavored vinegars. Made by fermenting fruits and spices in wooden barrels, fruit vinegars such as fig vinegar and cherry vinegar are popular varieties. The different types of wood barrels such as oak, juniper, and others help give the fruit vinegar a characteristic sweet-tart flavor. The fresh and vibrant flavors of apple vinegar such as those from Bragg and Duo Vittore are light and refreshing, making them ideal for salad dressings. For adding spiciness and acidity to your dishes, Supermarket Italy also features red wine vinegars, hot pepper vinegars, and other savory flavor infusions.

How can I use flavored vinegars?

Fruit vinegars have a wide variety of applications. Try drizzling them over fresh fruit for a zing of sweet-tart flavors. Dress up an antipasto platter when you add fig vinegar as a garnish to a selection of cheeses. The sweet and sour flavor of fruit vinegars also makes a luxurious garnish on sweet desserts like ice cream and fruit, as well as savory meats and crackers.