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What types of pickles are there?

There are countless types of pickles. Gherkin pickles, dill pickles, garlic pickles, kosher pickles, sour pickles, cornichon pickles—it’s endless. Each type has its own unique properties and flavors, ranging from sweet to sour to spicy. Pickles are also grown all over the world, so taste, style and size vary by region.

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What are Cornichons?

Cornichons, also known as cornichon pickles, are essentially mini versions of the pickles you know and love. Because of their size, they tend to have more of a sweet and sour taste. Cornichon pickles are also typically spiced with mustard, dill, and onions for a zesty flavor. Small, crunchy and refreshing, cornichons are perfect finger foods for guests.

What pickle products does Supermarket Italy sell?

Supermarket Italy sells pickles from all over Europe, including Maille Cornichons from France, Sanniti Cornichons from Spain, and Kühne Garlic Kosher Pickles from Germany. Other types of pickle products include Terrapin Ridge Farms Dill Pickle Mustard, Wild Hibiscus Lotus Root in Gin Spiced Pickle Juice, and Sanniti Pickled Garlic.

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