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What makes Italian pasta special?

The first civilization to have produced noodles was the ancient Chinese. Eventually, the beloved food staple spread across continents and took different forms. It is said that the famous explorer Marco Polo brought the food back to Italy with him from his travels in China, but this is shrouded in mystery. Once in Italy, however, pasta took on a life of its own.

The term “pasta” generally refers to Italian noodles rather than any other type of noodles. That is because pasta has become one of the cornerstones of Italian cooking and food recipes, not to mention culture and heritage. Pasta became one of Italy’s top exports in the 1800s when Italian immigrants crossed the Atlantic to America. Since then, Italian Americans have made pasta dishes as much of an American food staple as it is Italian.

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There are many different pasta types, each of which has their own consistency, shape, and texture, and therefore lend themselves to different kinds of pasta dishes. Supermarket Italy sells all pasta types, from Angel Hair to Lasagna to Ziti. Also available for purchase are egg pasta, gluten-free pasta, organic pasta and whole wheat pasta.

What are Italian beans?

Beans are wonderful sources of fiber, protein, and important vitamins and minerals. Add that to the fact that they are delicious both cooked and raw, and it becomes easy to see why beans are an integral part of Italian cooking. Use Lentils when making a true Italian New Year’s Eve dish, Fava Beans for rustic and hearty Italian pasta recipes, or enjoy simple Italian butter bean appetizers before a main meal.

What are popular Italian rice dishes?

Risotto, one of the world’s most popular rice dishes, hails from the northern regions of Italy. Risotto dishes can be both heart-warming comfort food and haute cuisine. Campanini Nano Semifino rice and Acquerello Carnaroli rice are both preferred rice types for risotto dishes, as they are highly absorbent with excellent texture.

What other dry goods does Supermarket Italy sell?

Supermarket Italy is a large hub for all things Italian, but that’s not all we sell! Ramen is a customer favorite that comes in all sorts of flavors and styles (especially if you like spicy food) from curry flavor to stew, and even cheese. Other dry goods sold on Supermarket Italy’s website include couscous, oatmeal, and bread.