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Capers / Caperberries

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What are capers?

If you’re looking for where to buy capers, Supermarket Italy offers a wide variety for all your cooking needs. A popular ingredient in Italian cuisine, capers are perfect for adding bright and tangy pops of flavor to many savory dishes. From pasta and sauces to bagels with cream cheese, capers pack a punch of flavor. Their sour and briny taste helps to balance rich and buttery foods like salmon, pasta in meat sauce, and so much more. Read More

But what are these curious little flavor bombs? Made from the Capparis spinosa bush, capers are hand-picked, dried naturally under the sun, and then packed in salt, vinegar, and other seasonings. Similar to olive production, this preservation process helps temper the bitterness of capers while bringing out all the natural flavors. The magic of caperberry production takes place in ‘Caper Heaven’ Pantelleria, a small island off the coast of Sicily.

What are the health benefits of capers?

Capers might be small in size, but they make up for it with a significant amount of natural antioxidants. In fact, numerous studies by Italian researchers have found that these antioxidants are beneficial when eaten with meat and may even help protect against heart disease and cancer.

What dishes are Italian capers used for?

Capers are ready to use straight out of the jar; simply drain the brine and toss into sauces, dips, or pasta for extra flavor. For bright and lemony pops of flavor, you can buy capers and olives for incorporating into your favorite savory dishes.

When you buy Italian capers, you can also use them to add a tangy lemon flavor to salmon fillets or other kinds of fish. A favorite duo in Old World cuisine, Italian capers and olives can transform ordinary spreads and dips into gourmet appetizers that everybody will love. These little exclamation points of flavor can also be used in sauces to enhance gourmet meats like rack of lamb and much more. For a classic and easy to make a meal, pasta can be brought to life with a combination of extra virgin olive oil, capers, green olives, and pine nuts. Garnished with fresh parsley and grated Parmesan, it all comes together in an elegant finish.

Where to buy capers

At Supermarket Italy, you’ll find the best capers to buy such as Castella and Sanniti, the iconic Italian brands that are the preferred choice among chefs and home cooks. Another premium brand is Les Moulins Moujab, a Tunisian family-owned and operated company that uses traditional, handcrafted cultivation and production methods. Buy caper berries online from Supermarket Italy and keep your pantry stocked with everything you need for making crowd-pleasing meals.