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Les Moulins Mahjoub

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Following the time-honored agricultural tradition of Tunisia, Les Moulins Mahjoub products are made with organic, wholesome ingredients that are cultivated in the incredibly rich and fertile soil of the southern Mediterranean region. A family-run business spanning three generations, the Les Moulins Mahjoub brand is dedicated to sustainable farming methods and the handcrafted production of high-quality Tunisian food. Read More

One of their finest products, Les Moulins Mahjoub couscous is the preferred grain among chefs and gourmands. Les Moulins Mahjoub also makes a premium olive oil using traditional processing techniques, which gives it a rare distinction in the world of gourmet foods. Along with their signature products, they also make several types of classic chutneys, plus a selection of marmalades and jams.

Like all of their products, Les Moulins Mahjoub couscous is produced by hand from start to finish. Produced in the Merjerda valley of Tunisia, M’Hamas hand-rolled couscous is made from a mixture of crushed durum wheat, olive oil, water, and salt. Also called semolina, the grains are pushed through a sieve by hand, which creates small grains that are dried in the sun. Homegrown and hand-processed, Les Moulins Mahjoub has a nutty and earthy flavor profile that is characteristic of the unique climate and soil of the region.

Tunisia also has a long and storied tradition of olive oil production in North Africa. Using the same techniques used by the ancient Berber tribe, Les Moulins Mahjoub olive oil is made from handpicked olives, which create a high-quality product compared to mechanically harvesting. Just a few hours after harvesting, the olives are stone ground by hand. Then the crushed fruit is vertically pressed in a cold climate using scourtins, a pressing mat made with natural fibers. In the final stage, the oil is decanted by hand, which produces a first cold pressing of exceptional quality.

There are no shortcuts in the production of Les Moulins Mahjoub olive oil, which is why it has a superior flavor that is second to none. Smooth, rich, and clean tasting, this handcrafted olive oil is truly special and one of a kind.

An East Indian classic, chutney is another Les Moulins Mahjoub specialty that celebrates the sweet and savory flavors of southern Mediterranean cuisine. What makes their chutney unique is the combination of Sevilla oranges and artichokes, a traditional Tunisian pairing of sweet and tangy. Also used to make orange water, the Sevilla orange variety adds a bouquet of sweet, floral flavors, which is balanced with buttery and meaty artichokes. It all comes together with vinegar, sugar, and seasonings.

Made with organic, all natural ingredients, Les Moulins Mahjoub lemon marmalade is more fruit-forward and contains less sugar than American varieties. The result is a tangy and bright flavor that pairs perfectly with toast, desserts, and other dishes. Along with lemon marmalade, Les Moulins Mahjoub also makes a line of jams including fig, strawberry and wild mulberry.

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