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Salami / Salame

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What is salami?

In America, Salame is almost synonymous with the phrase Italian meats. An Italian favorite, salami is a type of cured, dried sausage that originated in Europe, and is made from a variety of different types of meat. While it has a number of different names depending on the country or region of origin, the word salami originated in Italy and is linked to the Italian version of this dried and cured sausage. Salami, or cured meats in general, was created in order to prolong the shelf life of raw meat before refrigeration was invented.

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This technique of meat preservation has been around for thousands of years, allowing the development of different regional varieties of Italian salami. Tracing its origin back to Italy, the word salami is formed from the Italian word for salt, and the term became connected with many types of salted and cured meats. Eventually, the word salami came to be associated with the dried and cured sausage that we know today.

What is salami made of?

One of the most well-known types of Italian cured meats, salami can be made from many different animals, including pork, beef, veal, donkey, or even poultry meat. If it is designated as kosher or halal, it will be made of beef due to religious prohibitions against pork. In addition to raw meat, other ingredients are added, which typically include garlic, salt, spices, herbs, wine, and vinegar. Like many made-in-Italy products, the exact mixture of ingredients depends on the region where it is made.

After mixing the ingredients together, the raw meat mixture is then left to ferment in a ventilated room for a period of time. It is then placed inside casings that may be made of cellulose or animal intestines. The secret to extending the shelf life of salami is the natural bacteria, which helps cure the meat and prevent oxidization and spoilage. In many cases, it is inoculated with natural bacteria and spores to speed up the curing process. The sausage is then cured for five months or longer.

What are the types of salami?

While every variety of salami has a distinct flavor profile, in general, one could describe it as salty, fatty, sharp, savory, and meaty. Just about every region of Italy lays claim to its own particular salame, but the most famous are Genoa, Calabrese, Milano, Varzi, and Abbruzi. There are many different types of salami that originate in Europe, and even within Italy there are several distinct regional varieties. Many of these are well known in the U.S. by other familiar names. For instance, peperoni is actually a type of salami with the addition of spices such as paprika.
Soppressata is a type of salami usually associated with southern Italian regions, such as Calabira and Apulia. Each region has its own distinct version of soppressata, which is a type of salami made of pork and includes many leftover parts of the pig, such as the head. Because of its flattened texture, it makes an ideal topping for gourmet sandwiches. It can also be diced and added to red pasta sauces to temper the acidity.

What dishes is salami used in?

Salami can be used in an incredible number of dishes to add a sharp and briny flavor. The first that comes to mind is pizza, of course. But it can also be used to make meatballs, risotto, salads, omelets, and other savory dishes. Because salami has a very strong and distinctive flavor, it is best used sparingly, so that its flavor can be appreciated along with the other ingredients in the dish. As an appetizer, salami is a popular finger food that can be accompanied by a variety of cheeses, a sliced baguette, crackers, fruits, and nuts.

Where to buy Italian salami online?

Salami undergoes a very strict and precise manufacturing process that has been developed and perfected in Italy over several hundred years. The quality of the salami is directly related to the ingredients as well as the skills and techniques of the producers. This is why it is important to find a trusted and high-quality manufacturer to obtain the highest quality product.

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