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Where does Emmentaler cheese come from?

Emmentaler cheese (also known as Ementhaler or Emmental cheese) comes from its namesake town in Switzerland. Nowadays, though, other countries also produce this beloved cheese. Many contend that Emmental cheese is the best kind of Swiss cheese one can buy.

What makes Emmentaler cheese different from other Swiss cheese?

Emmental cheese has the same holes that other cheese types from Switzerland have, but the taste is slightly different. It is made from cow’s milk and has a slightly sharp, nutty, and fruity taste. It is firm yet smooth, and its special flavor is thanks to the type of bacteria that is used in the production process.

What can I make with Emmentaler cheese?

Because of its subtle fruity notes, Emmenthaler works well on a cheese board that is full of apples, grapes, and other fruits. This is a delicious cheese when melted, too, so it is often used alongside other cheese types for fondue recipes and paninis.