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Skip the Drugstore Lines and Try Italian Toiletries

Supermarket Italy is your one-stop-shop for Italian toiletries! Bring a bit of Europe into your bathroom with our our wide selection of Italian toothpaste, Italian soap, and deodorant. Shop today! Read More

It’s Time to Restock Your Toiletries...With a European Flair

It’s true, Italy is perhaps the most famous for its food and drinks. After all, a simple taste of Italian cheeses, wines, pastries, pizza, coffee, and pasta is enough to make one loyal to Italian cuisine for the rest of their life! However, edible products aren’t the only goods that Italy does well. From exquisite leather handbags, shoes, and jackets, to high-end luxury cars, it seems that there’s no commodity that Italy doesn’t do perfectly. This rhetoric also applies to Italian toiletries and cosmetic products.

The next time your deodorant runs dry, or your bar of soap dissolves away, skip the drive to the pharmacy or drugstore. Instead, head on over to Supermarket Italy, where you can choose between the best Italian soap, toothpaste, deodorant, and other toiletry brands— and even have them delivered right to your door.

What is the Best Italian Soap Brand?

When it comes to Italian soap, you have plenty of options to choose between. However, our three favorites are:

  • Fratelli Carli Olive Oil Soap

Italy produces some of the finest olives and olive oils on the planet. Though many of us may think of Mediterranean olive oil as only being a cooking ingredient, it actually finds its way into many luxurious cosmetic and toiletry items— like this dreamy Italian soap. The luscious cleanser is perfect for delicate skin, and because of the essential fatty acids found in the ingredients, it can prevent aging in the epidermis.

  • Felce Azzurra Profumo Sapone Dolce

If an olive oil soap isn’t your cup of tea, we’d be remiss to skip a mention of one of the best Italian soap brands out there. Felce Azzurra Profumo Sapone Dolce is especially hydrating and replenishing— after a wash, your skin will feel silky and baby soft. Did we mention that it smells gorgeous? The warm and regenerating aroma of this Italian soap will you have you dreaming of your next shower all day.

  • Felce Azzurra Bagno Schiuma Dolce

If long, relaxing soaks in the bathtub are your preferred method of cleansing, might we recommend this vanilla-scented foaming bath? It’s made from nourishing, aromatic essential oils, and keeps the skin silky smooth.

Italian Toothpaste, Soap, and More Italian Toiletries...Delivered Right to Your Door!

Whether you’re hoping to replace your boring ole minty tube with a container of Italian toothpaste, or fill your medicine cabinet with continental deodorant, talcum powder, or body butter, it’s all available to you right here at Supermarket Italy.

When we founded Supermarket Italy, it was our mission to bring the Italian and European lifestyle to American homes. From coffee to cheese, pasta to Italian toiletries, all of our products are conveniently located at the same warehouse, so all of your goodies will arrive at your door at the same time. We even offer free shipping on orders over $50— and $10 off any order over $100!

It’s time to upgrade your toiletry game, the Italian way! Visit Supermarket Italy today and bring Europe to your bathroom.