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Baresane Olives

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Baresane Olives - 1 lb
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What are Baresane olives?

The noble fruit of the Mediterranean, there are hundreds of different olive varieties that vary in color, texture, and flavor. Harvested by hand in the Bitetto countryside, Baresane olives reflect the unique soil and climate of Bari, Italy, a region in Puglia. Compared to the classic black olives commonly found in Greek salads and pizza toppings, Italian Baresane olives have a delicate, buttery flavor and a tender, meaty flesh. Ranging in color from green to yellow or violet, these multicolored olives add a variety of earthy shades to your meals. They also have a complex flavor that lends a bold and pungent twist to pasta, salads, and much more. Read More

Historically, the cultivation of Baresane olives and other varieties has changed very little over the centuries. After being harvested by hand in ancient olive groves, Baresane olives undergo an elaborate and meticulous curing process that starts with an original brine recipe that has been passed down through the generations. While the olives are preserved and cured in brine, the balanced combination of salt and spices help to transform the naturally bitter olive into a tender morsel of fresh and briny flavors. The natural fermentation in the brine also aids in the preservation and curing process, a testament to Italy’s reputation for only using fresh, all-natural ingredients.

How are Baresane olives used?

Because of its smooth and complex flavor, Baresane olives are considered a premium variety that has a range of uses in the kitchen. It can be eaten alone as a classic table snack or incorporated into meals for delicious pops of flavor. The most popular olive variety among chefs and gourmands, Baresane olives are produced by Sanniti, an iconic Italian brand that is known around the world for their high-quality imports, including castelvetrano olives and much more.

Thanks to its delicate and balanced flavor, Italian Baresane olives are a versatile ingredient that can be used in a wide variety of dishes. Along with capers and freshly grated Parmesan, finely diced Baresane olives are perfect for adding an extra kick of flavor to your favorite pasta. Chopped Baresane olives can also be incorporated into bread dough for a rich and tasty loaf.

Another way to enjoy Baresane olives is by pulverizing their flesh into a thick and creamy paste. Then, season it with spices for a gourmet olive spread that is just begging to be generously layered onto sandwiches or baguette slices. Italian Baresane olives can also be part of an antipasto platter along with a selection of cured meat, cheese, and fruit.

Where to buy Baresane olives?

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