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Olives & Capers

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Mediterranean Olives

The quintessential ingredient in traditional and modern Mediterranean cuisine, olives are a versatile fruit that can be found in countries such as Italy, Spain, Greece, and North Africa. Supermarket Italy offers a wide selection of Italian olives—–handpicked and preserved in a salt and water brine–as well as from other Mediterranean locales.

A favorite table olive and cocktail snack, Italian green olives–especially the Castelvetrano olive variety–are considered premium quality. Castelvetrano olives have a meaty, tender texture and mellow, slightly nutty flavor. Another popular variety, black olives make a classic pizza topping because the mild, smooth taste helps balance the acidity of the tomato sauce and the pungent flavors of pepperoni or sausage. Black olives are frequently featured in Greek salads, as well as pasta dishes. For a full taste of the Mediterranean, we also offer the famous Greek Kalamata variety, Spanish black olives, and Baresane Italian olives. If you love all varieties, try mixed olives; an addictive cocktail snack that will keep your dinner guests coming back for more.

What are Italian capers?

An essential flavor accent, Italian capers bring many dishes to life, from buttery and delicate salmon fillets to classic pastas and bagels with cream cheese. These briny and tangy exclamation points of flavor are made from pickled flower buds, which are cultivated in Pantelleria, a small island off the coast of Sicily. After being handpicked, the capers are dried under the Sicilian sun and then brined or packed in salt, a process that softens the bitterness while enhancing its natural flavors.

What can I make with Italian olives and capers?

Whether you toss them in Greek salads, sprinkle them in pasta, or pulverize them into creamy tapenades, Italian olives and capers are an essential component to Old World gastronomy. Italians love this dynamic food duo, stuffing large olives with tuna and creating creamy olive and caper spreads for antipasti platters. Olives serve as wonderful additions to cocktail recipes and pasta dishes alike, and with their salty tang, capers make a delicious culinary accent for chicken piccata and smoked salmon.