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What is Italian rice?

Along with pasta, the world's favorite comfort food, Italian rice is the heart and soul of traditional Old World cuisine. This starchy and substantial ingredient can serve as a hearty foundation for veggie stir-frys, meat, seafood, and more. Ranging in color, flavor, and texture, find the perfect type of Italian style rice for all your cooking needs. Read More

What makes Italian rice different?

Like other made in Italy products, Italian rice reflects the unique soil and climate where it is cultivated and harvested. Certain rice varieties are also unique to Italy, making them special ingredients that lend an authentic flavor and texture to your dishes.

The history of Italian rice

In ancient India and Rome, rice was used as a medicine to settle upset stomachs and other common ailments. In fact, it wasn't until 1475 that the Duke of Milan first mentioned Italian rice as a crop for mainstream food production. His impressive yields encouraged other farmers to grow rice as a cash crop, making it an easy-to-grow staple in the Po River Valley. Over the centuries, rice cultivation spread across Italy, including the Lombardy and Veneto regions where the rice farming tradition continues today.

What dishes are Italian rice used for?

Supermarket Italy features a wide range of Italian style rice for all your cooking needs.
A popular Italian style rice, Acquerello Carnaroli from Piedmont, Italy is known for its ability to absorb liquids and flavors of other ingredients. This variety of Italian rice is marvelous for cooking risotto because it soaks up all the flavors of other ingredients such as broth and its complex seasonings. Use this high-quality Italian style rice in your next recipe, and discover the difference of using products made in Italy.

If you are looking for where to buy black rice, Supermarket Italy features Campanini Black Venus, a medium-grain variety that adds a sweet and nutty aroma to many types of dishes such as soups, stews, pilafs, and more. The black color also adds a striking effect to meals with an attractive contrast to other ingredients. It is also known for its highly absorbent quality and a consistency that is smooth and not sticky. This all-natural Italian style rice does not have any added chemicals and contains a significant amount of fiber and minerals.

Another type of Italian style rice is Campanini Nano Semifino rice, a traditional variety from the Mantova and Veneto regions. This premium quality rice is excellent at absorbing liquid and flavor while also maintaining a firm texture that holds its own in creamy risottos with vegetables or meats.

Where to buy rice online

If you're wondering where to buy black rice and other varieties, we offer the finest quality brands at the lowest wholesale prices. Buy rice online from Supermarket Italy and enjoy the convenience and affordability of Italian rice and other imports delivered directly to your door.