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If you’re feeling sweet on Italian honey, Supermarket Italy is your go-to store. We supply a wide array of delicious brands of Italian honey, which has many uses in the kitchen. To describe honey in a mere sentence is impossible. After all, this ancient sweetener comes in so many distinct forms, some of which are unrecognizable from the other. Take, for example, the delightfully spreadable texture and opaque appearance of crystallized cream honey in comparison to the nearly translucent blonde runny honey you might stir into your tea or drizzle over cake. Honey is, of course, produced by bees, and the flavor and color of a certain batch all depend on the plants from which their pollen comes from. Read More

Oh, Honey Honey: A Sweet History

Throughout history, Italian honey has been one of the most essential condiments used in the kitchen. During the Renaissance, Italian honey and other varieties were commonly used in savory dishes served for lords and ladies. In the Baroque age, culinary trends began to lean towards more balanced flavors, which relegated Italian honey to a sweetening ingredient for desserts.

The Many Uses for Honey

Honey is enjoyed all over the world as a treat, a medicine, and a beauty product that nourishes the skin. Here are some of our favorite foodie uses for Italian honey:

Combine it with hot water and lemon for a soothing sore throat remedy. Not only does it taste lovely, but it will also make a sore throat feel much better. We like to use D’arbo honey for this purpose, as it has such a flavorful and aromatic taste. You can also use it as the key ingredient in honey cake, a moist and richly flavored dessert that is often enjoyed during the Jewish celebration of Rosh Hashanah. The tastiest versions of this cake tend to include a bit of orange juice and coffee, which gives it an extra kick.

Honey is also an essential ingredient in Greek style desserts, such as the honey-soaked Baklava, a crunchy and flavorful treat that tastes like pure heaven. You can also drizzle honey on top of a bowl of freshly strained yogurt; add some raw almonds and you’ve got yourself a little bowl of heaven.

Along with sweet treats and delights, Italian honey can also be used as a glaze for meats. When you mix it with summertime herbs, you can use it to season your meat with a beautiful glaze or marinade; the aroma of caramelized honey and roasting meat will make your kitchen smell swoon-worthy. Another easy marinade for your barbecue, a blend of D’Arbo honey, soy, and ginger makes for a magical combination of flavors. For some folks, breaded chicken is naked without a honey mustard dipping sauce; the easy solution is a combo of artisanal honey from Supermarket Italy and your favorite mustard.

D’Arbo or Savannah bee honey also pairs beautifully with a wide variety of cheeses. It is especially fun to include a nice chunk of Savannah Bee honeycomb on a cheeseboard; it looks marvelous and has a gorgeous, mild flavor that matches nicely with manchego, goats cheese, or a creamy blue.

Sourcing the Best Honey

Most parts of the world produce some form of wonderfully flavored honey. At Supermarket Italy, you'll find two highly rated brands:

Austria is home toD’Arbo honey, an acacia-based product known for its gentle, mild flavor. With this popular varietal, the bees make their honey from the blossoms of the acacia tree, giving D’Abro honey a pleasant and light flavor that goes perfectly with toast, muffins, or cakes.

The U.S state of Georgia lays claim to Savannah Bee Honey, one of our most preferred brands. Like D’Arbo honey, some of the products from Savannah Bee Honey are also made by bees that produce honey from acacia tree blossoms, including Raw Acacia Honey, a pure and floral flavored variety with a hint of vanilla. Another best seller is their Charleston Honey, a wildflower honey that takes on the nuanced characteristics of the different seasons in Charleston Low Country.

Wildflower Honey is another popular item in the line up of Savannah Bee Honey products. Rich and luscious from the varied mix of wildflower blossoms, this flavorful honey is excellent on bread or mixed into hot drinks.

For a touch of citrus and a robust sweetness, their Orange Blossom Honey comes from Florida honey bees that produced it from early spring flowers. Another popular product from Savannah Bee Honey is Raw Lavender Honey, which has a subtly complex flavor with notes of fruit, flowers, and herbs.Savannah Bee Honey also makes Raw Rosemary Honey, a rare, sought-after varietal with the delicate flavor and aroma of wild lavender.

Where to Buy Raw Honey

If you’re wondering where to buy raw honey, your search ends here. Your one-stop-shop for all your gourmet food needs — including honey — is waiting for you right here at Supermarket Italy.

Browse our selection of honey, fill up your cart, and even take a gander at some of our other products. We stock gourmet food items from around the world, particularly from Europe, and especially from Italy! Whether you are after some nice cheeses to pair with your honey, a gift for a special someone, or a treat for your kitchen, chances are that we have what you’re looking for. Better still, we offer free shipping for any order over $50, so buying in bulk is as stress-free as can be.

Shop for honey at Supermarket Italy and get ready to 'bee' creative in the kitchen!