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Tutto Calabria

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What is Tutto Calabria?

One of the first companies to produce and market products from Calabria, Tutto Calabria is a delicious celebration of the gourmet ingredients cultivated in the southern region of Italy. What started in 1970 as a few jars of Tutto Calabria Italian hot peppers has evolved into one of the top gourmet imports for premium quality Italian cooking. Tutto Calabria Italian peppers, wild onions, tapenades, and sauces use traditional Italian recipes passed down through generations to bring glorious flavors to a range of classic dishes, from pizza to pasta sauce.

What makes Tutto Calabria products special?

From farming to harvesting to production, Tutto Calabria only uses regional ingredients from southern Italy, such as extra virgin olive oil and vinegar, naturally organic Italian peppers, and wild onions. What sets Tutto Calabria’s Italian hot peppers apart is the company’s commitment to cultivation and processing techniques that pay tribute to Old World traditions. 

What can I make with Calabrian chili peppers?

Look for the Crushed Chili Peppers, which can be easily mixed into your favorite pasta sauce. The Hot Long Chili Peppers are the perfect size for including in gourmet sandwiches. For a colorful and zesty pizza topping, the Hot Round Cherry Chili Peppers will match well with savory slices of pepperoni. Enjoy the flavors of Calabria in every meal with Tutto Calabria Italian hot peppers!