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Mushrooms & Truffle

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Italian Mushrooms and Truffles

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Another essential for your pantry is a selection of Italian mushrooms and truffles, the culinary diamonds of gourmet cuisine. Ranging in flavor from nutty and earthy to velvety and robust, Italian truffles and canned mushrooms make all types of dishes more elegant and sophisticated.

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At Supermarket Italy, we have everything you need for incorporating the magical flavors and meaty texture of fungi into your cooking, the glory of the forest floor.

Besides their luxurious characteristics, Italian truffles also have many health benefits. Truffles are a nutrient-dense food packed with essential vitamins and minerals. They're also high in antioxidants and have antibacterial properties. Research has also shown that they may even help kill cancer cells and reduce inflammation.

Italian mushrooms also have health benefits, including a low-calorie content, plus lots of fiber and protein. They also contain B vitamins along with selenium, potassium, copper, and vitamin D.

Canned mushrooms are part of the centuries-old tradition of preserved and pickled vegetables imported from Italy. The Italian canning industry started in the 1800s with the ingenuity of Nicolas Appert, the businessman and entrepreneur who developed the innovative canning technology that extended the shelf life of preserved food, including marinated Italian mushrooms.

Today, the tradition continues with canned mushrooms from La Valle, which are grilled to perfection and preserved in oil. These tender and substantial Italian mushrooms can add a nutty and pungent flavor to pizza, pasta sauces, and other dishes. Not only can you use canned mushrooms as an ingredient in classic Italian cuisine, but it also has many uses with different styles of food. You can also incorporate it into sauces for chicken breasts or as part of the vegetable medley in Gumbo-style chicken Creole.

Supermarket Italy also features Italian mushrooms from Naples, Italy. Produced by La Fiammante, a premium Italian brand, these deluxe Champignon mushrooms are white bellied and have a mild, smooth flavor. Keep your cupboard fully stocked with these tasty canned mushrooms and you’ll always have a hearty ingredient on-hand for stews, salads, soups, meats, fish, and so much more.

For an instant touch of luxury to gourmet foods, we also offer a selection of the finest Italian truffles, including thinly sliced black Italian truffle carpaccio by Sabatino. Its delicate and nuanced consistency makes it ideal for pairing with rich ingredients like meat carpaccio, cheese, salad, and risotto.

Keep your pantry full of variety when you include a few cans of Urbani Italian white truffle and porcini, a classic fungi pairing for gourmet dishes. Seasoned with butter and Grana Padano cheese, these tender and delicious porcini mushrooms are combined with bianchetto truffles, which makes an elegant and luxurious topping for toast points, pasta, meats, fish, and more. Urbani black Italian truffles are another option for incorporating into your Italian cooking.

Urbani also produces several varieties of Italian truffles with fresh and aromatic seasonings such as pesto. A traditional recipe from Genoa, pesto and black truffles taste marvelous on sliced bread, pizza, pasta, and other classic dishes. For a Sicilian twist on your favorite meals, Urbani truffles and red pesto combine the balanced flavors of herbaceous basil and fresh, vine-ripened tomatoes to savory and pungent ingredients.

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Along with an extensive selection of specialty foods ranging from pasta and cured meats to canned vegetables and much more, Supermarket Italy also offers a selection of premium Italian mushrooms and Italian truffles. Shop our online specialty store today and take your Italian cooking to the next level of gourmet.