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Popular types of Italian candy

There is something special about Italian candies – perhaps it is in the source of the ingredients, or in the production process, the flavor and texture of these traditional delights is simply divine! Italian candies come in several major categories: hard candies, soft candies, and hard candies filled with a soft texture in the middle.

While hard candies are a perennial favorite, soft textured candies are becoming more popular. The soft textured candies come individually wrapped and can have either a soft caramel-like texture, or a gummy, gel-like texture with delicious, fruit-infused flavors. Combining the best of both worlds, the hard textured candy with the soft filling gives both a flavorful crunch and a satisfying chewy texture when you get to the center. Chewing gum is another popular form of Italian candy. Typically mint flavored, it also comes in various fruit flavors.

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What makes Italian candy different?

The taste of la dolce vita, Italian candy feature unique flavors that set it apart, like anise, licorice or mint flavors. Other popular flavors are related to liqueurs such as ouzo or lemoncello. In the world of sweet treats, Italian candies are very distinct from their American and European counterparts and feature unique varieties that you can only find imported directly from Italy. Italian candied fruit is also showcased in a variety of traditional Italian pastries, giving you a hint of sweet nostalgia with every bite.

What are some popular Italian candy brands?

Some popular Italian candy brands include Golia, Sperlari, and Perugina. Golia has a delectable variety of licorice flavored soft candy called Gommose Morbide alla Liquirizia. These small candies are individually wrapped and have the invigorating scent of eucalyptus. One of Sperlari’s most popular hard candy varieties is Caramelle all’ Anice, featured a sweet licorice flavor. Perugina also makes a filled candy called Perugina Caramelle Rossana, which is known for its delicious eggnog flavored center.

If fruit flavors are more to your liking, Sperlari makes a fruit flavored candy called Caramelle Scaramellini Spicchi Su. These individually wrapped hard candies are naturally flavored with lemon and orange made from real fruit juices.

Another type of Italian candy is candied fruit. It can be eaten alone or used in recipes to make classic Italian pastries such as panettone or cannoli. Candied fruit is made by soaking small fruit pieces or peels such as citrus in a sugar syrup until all the moisture in the fruit is replaced by sugar, thereby preserving it. This method of fruit preservation has been in use in Europe since the 16th century.

While not technically a candy, Toschi Baba in Lemoncella is another Italian treat that is actually made from tiny baba cakes that are soaked in a jar of rum. Made with flour, sugar, eggs, milk, and butter, baba are small yeast cakes that can be used as a dreamy topping for your favorite Italian desserts like ice cream, cake, or zabaglione.

Where to buy Italian candy online

All it takes is one bite of your favorite Italian candies to relive the glorious days of childhood. Thanks to hundreds and hundreds of years of Old World culinary traditions, Italian candy has a distinct flavor that links it to the region where it was created and produced. At Supermarket Italy, we feature a fun collection of classic Italian candies made by iconic brands like Perugina, Sperlari, and more. Shop our exclusive selection today and indulge in your sweet tooth, Italian style!