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What is couscous?

Couscous is an ancient pasta made from durum wheat semolina that is steamed and crushed into small round balls. Using a time-honored technique, couscous production uses the hardest part of the durum wheat that can’t be fully ground by the millstone, a process of separation that is traditionally done by hand. Read More

Couscous has its roots in Northern African cuisine, which can be traced back to the 7th century. It gets its name from the Arabic word “kaskasa,” which means “to pound small.” As couscous spread throughout the ancient Roman Empire, it was officially documented by travelers in the 1300s who described it as a Northern African delicacy.

How is couscous used?

With a slightly crunchy texture and deliciously nutty flavor, couscous makes a hearty base for a range of pungent and bright ingredients like crumbled feta, fresh veggies, capers, and so much more. It can also be used in stews, soups and as a rice substitute in many dishes. Similar to pasta, couscous is also easy to prepare. Simply bring water to a boil and then add couscous with salt and pepper, olive oil or butter, and other seasonings. Cover and let cook according to the directions on the package.

Supermarket Italy’s online shop features a selection of top couscous brands from Italy and Northern Africa. Give your cooking a Sardinian twist with Fregula Sarda, a semolina pasta from Tanda & Spada that is very similar to couscous in size and shape.

Where to Buy Pearl Couscous

One of their best selling products, Roland makes an Israeli couscous that is lightly toasted to perfection and crushed into delicate pearls. Supermarket Italy also features Les Moulins Mahjoub, a premium brand of handmade specialty couscous imported from Tunisia. Using traditional, handcrafted techniques from start to finish, Les Moulins Mahjoub makes the M’Hamsa version, which is hand-rolled and dried in the sun.

The larger grains of pearl couscous are starchy and perfectly substantial for a light couscous salad with a mix of bright and varied flavors such as arugula, feta, and dried cranberries for a hint of sweetness. Another option is couscous with Parmesan and herbs, a side dish that adds a satisfying heartiness to meaty and savory entrees like fish, pork chops, or chicken. For an inventive update on classic recipes, you can also incorporate couscous into soups in place of rice or noodles.

Where to buy couscous

At Supermarket Italy, we offer a selection of premium couscous brands that are perfect for incorporating into your weekly menu rotation. When you buy Israeli couscous online from Supermarket Italy, you’ll have another type of pasta to include in your gourmet cooking arsenal. For the complete couscous collection, keep your pantry stocked with different varieties from around the world. Buy couscous online from Supermarket Italy and enjoy the convenience of high-quality imports delivered straight to your door. Along with an extensive selection of pasta, sauces, and much more, Supermarket Italy has everything you need to make delicious, made-from-scratch meals that everyone will love.