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What are Italian canned & dried beans?

From Cannellini (White Kidney) to Lupini, Italian beans are packed with protein, fiber, and vitamins, which makes them the perfect ingredient for healthy and nutritious meals. Their starchiness and neutral flavor also adds substance to a long list of dishes, from soups and salads to dips and toppings.

Dried Italian Beans 

At Supermarket Italy, you can choose from an extensive selection of dried bean varieties. Unlike canned beans, which are already flavored and cooked, dried beans need to be soaked in water to reactivate their proteins. Once soaking is done, you can cook them using your own combination of seasonings. Popular dried bean varieties include  lentils,  which are typically eaten on Italian New Year’s with savory Cotechino sausage slices. Enjoy dried lentil beans by Cucina & AmoreCastelluccio di Norcia, and SabarotAlso available dried are cannellini beans, loved for their meaty and tender texture. Prepare them with fresh garlic, Italian seasonings, and chopped tomatoes for an authentic Tuscan side dish.

Canned Italian Beans

For easy-to-make meals in your home kitchen or restaurant, canned beans are a versatile ingredient that will add substance and flavor to many dishes. In addition to a long shelf life,  canned beans are also pre-cooked, which makes them a convenient ingredient that can be used right away. Available canned as well as dried, lentils and cannellini beans come from brands such as   La Valle, La Fiammante, and Cucina & AmoreCeci beans, or chickpeas, can add hardiness to soups and salads or be blended with garlic, tahini, and extra virgin olive oil to make fresh hummus. Loved for their extra large size and creamy mouthfeel, butter beans are another essential variety of Italian canned beans and will be perfect in bean salads topped with lemon and tomato. Supermarket Italy also features unique Italian specialties such as Lupini beans, a Neapolitan legume that is often mixed with olives for a briny and satisfying appetizer.