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What are Italian canned & dried beans?

From Cannellini (White Kidney) to Lupini, Italian beans are packed with protein, fiber, and vitamins, which makes them the perfect ingredient for healthy and nutritious meals. Their starchiness and neutral flavor also adds substance to a long list of dishes, from soups and salads to dips and toppings and so much more. Read More

If you’re looking for the best dried beans online, you’ve come to the right place. At Supermarket Italy, you can choose from an extensive selection of dried bean varieties that are offered at inexpensive wholesale prices. Unlike canned beans, which are already flavored and cooked, dried beans take a little more effort. After soaking the beans in water to reactivate their proteins, you can cook them using your own combination and ratio of seasonings.

When you buy Italian lentils online from Supermarket Italy, plus Cotechino sausage, bay leaves, onions, and cloves, you’ll have everything you need for a traditional Italian New Year’s dish. The lentils are shaped like coins, which remind people of money and good fortune. The hearty texture and earthy flavor also make it the perfect base for rich and briny Cotechino slices. For an authentic Italian dish, you can make it from scratch with dried lentil beans by Cucina & Amore, Castelluccio di Norcia, and Sabarot. We also carry several brands of Italian canned lentil beans like La Valle and La Fiammante, a ready-to-use ingredient that you can add to dishes for an instant boost of substance and flavor.

You can also buy other types of canned beans from Supermarket Italy, an ideal pantry item thanks to an extended shelf life. Canned beans are also pre-cooked, which makes them a convenient ingredient that can be used straight out of the can. For a Tuscan-style twist on everyday meals, stock your kitchen with high-quality dried and canned cannellini beans such as La Valle, La Fiammante, Cucina & Amore, and more. Prepare them with fresh garlic, Italian seasonings, and chopped tomatoes for Tuscan white beans, an authentic side dish from the region.

Supermarket Italy also features ready to eat Lupini beans, a favorite legume from Naples that are often mixed with olives for a briny and satisfying appetizer or salad topping.

Another popular Neapolitan bean, Borlotti canned or dried beans are often used by chefs and home cooks as a salad topping or an essential ingredient in classic soups like Fagioli Alla Maruzurra. At Supermarket Italy, you can choose from a selection of premium Italian canned beans such as La Fiammante and La Valle.

Also known as chickpeas, Ceci beans are a must-have for the pantry due to their versatility; They can add hardiness to soups and stews, salads, and many other Italian dishes. They can also be blended with garlic, tahini, extra virgin olive oil, and seasonings to make fresh hummus. For a light appetizer that has an authentic flair, pair this light and refreshing dip with pita triangles and garnish with paprika and a drizzle of olive oil.

Supermarket Italy’s selection of Italian canned beans also features green beans, also called Piselli Peas by Cirio. With a hearty and fresh flavor, these versatile legumes can be paired with almost anything—-salads, soups, pasta…The possibilities are seemingly endless.

For a perfectly balanced mix that has a little bit of everything, we also feature Italian canned beans in a mix, which showcase four different beans. The differences in taste, texture, and size are perfect for adding a chunky texture to traditional minestrone soup, salads, and many other savory dishes. Choose from ready to use Italian canned beans by La Valle or the Cucina & Amore minestrone soup mix.

Loved for their extra large size and creamy mouthfeel, butter beans are another essential item in your pantry collection of Italian canned beans. A healthy and flavorful appetizer from Tuscany, Italian butter beans by La Valle or La Fiammante are seasoned with sage and garlic, then dressed with olive oil and served on crostini.

Along with an extensive selection of Italian canned and dried beans, Supermarket Italy also carries Farro, a rustic, ancient grain that serves as a fiber-rich foundation for many different specialty ingredients. For a classic northern Italian-style meal, add them to minestrone soup, fresh greens, or savory pies. Italian grandmother-tested and approved, choose from two farro varieties including Farrisum Dicocco Perlato and Agribosco organic.

Another essential for your pantry, Red Kidney beans are a popular ingredient for many traditional dishes, from classic chili to salads and other recipes. Made by La Valle, these popular Italian canned beans are tender, delicious, and ready to use.

Where to buy canned & dried beans

For easy to make meals in your home kitchen or restaurant, buy canned beans from Supermarket Italy and enjoy the convenience and affordability of premium Italian imports delivered straight to your door. With a huge inventory of top rated products imported from Italy and around the world, we have everything you need for making authentic Italian recipes and so much more.