Sanniti Dry Cannellini Beans, 5 lbs

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Sanniti Cannellini Beans are great for Mediterranean cooking

Enjoy these dry white beans in soups, stews, and salads.

Mix with pinto beans and navy beans for a tasty bean salad.

Sanniti Dry Cannellini Beans are white beans that are marvelous for soups, stews, dip, and more. This bulk 5-lb can is ideal for large families and restaurants. Use these cannellini beans in your Italian cooking.

These beans pair well with tomatoes, garlic cloves, and olive oil. Try adding cooked cannellini beans to your favorite pasta recipes. Serve them whole on toasted bread with fresh herbs. Or enjoy them in grain bowls with brown rice or quinoa and fresh veggies. You can even use these beans in a spicy chili recipe with chicken or turkey. Size:
5 lbs

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